IWAMURA SHOGO “REFLECTION” 2023.10.13.fri~10.19.thu

2023.10.13.fri~10.19.thu 11:00~19:00


People unconsciously choose, act and live from a combination of retained and forgotten memories.
In the same way, things created by human hands are extracted and shaped from memory, and by overlapping and arranging the parts of memory fragments that have been carved out separately, the artist has created a work that is a projection of himself.
The shapes are abstract and look different depending on the memory of each person who sees them.
I hope that you will view the work while tracing your own memories.


Graduated from the Department of Arts and Crafts at Kobe Design University.
Afterwards, worked at a workshop in Aichi prefecture and later became independent.
Currently, engaged in individual creative activities at a workshop in Kobe.


  1. <Exhibit>KOBE ART MARCHÉ 2023 2023.5.12.fri-5.14.sun

  2. Aretokore Coko exhibition “Wine Top Art – Somewhere on the Earth -” 2022.10.29.sat-11.6.sun

  3. jacobollbie exhibition「つながる NFT+ART」

    jacobollbie exhibition
    “Connect NFT + ART”
    2022.6.3.fri-6.16.thu 11:00-19:00

  4. rio solo exhibition 「I can’t do anything」 2022.3.29.tue~4.3.sun

  5. Nana Kashima Tanka Exhibition “Incomplete. I guess it’s not me who fills in the missing pieces, but you.” 2023.7.26.wed-7.31.mon

  6. Hara shiba solo exhibition “You don’t need to know the feelings like this.” 2022.2.8.tue~2.14.mon