Ken Christopher Puyat solo exhibition “LOST IN TIME -kobe-” 2021.11.10~21

Ken Christopher Puyat solo exhibition “LOST IN TIME -kobe-” ~ 11.21.sun


Looking at old photos, even though those world certainly existed,
I feel sad that they are being forgotten as the time goes.
So I draw and leave it in the illustration.

Ken Christopher Puyat

Born August 30th, 1994.

About the age of 5 or 6, he watched Titanic and he was more shocked to see a big ship sinking than the romance story itself, which made him to start drawing a picture of a ship every morning.
When he was in junior high school, he chose to go in pen drawing. He went to department of fine arts at Akashi high school.

At the school, he was taught sketch and when he was sophomore at high school, he aimed for oil painting. However he quit as he realized it wasn’t compatible with his personality.
At age 17, right before he graduated from high school, he hold his first solo exhibition at a cafe in Nada.
Around this time, he got intrigued by background pictures by Ghibli and Mamoru Hosoda and started creating poster color painting.
He went to Paris for his training trip and he was impressed by amazingness of ancestors.


  • 2015/6/24~ Exhibition “kens Art Gallery Black & White”
  • 2015/9/21~9/28 Art Gallery In Akashi CHANCE MAKER
  • 2016/8/26~ Chobaku-ten (explosion exhibition) at Gallery Choya in Chinatown
  • 2016/9/13~9/20 “Ken’s Ant Gallery”
  • 2016/11/25~2017/2/24 Exhibition “Lost in Time” at ASPIA
  • 2017/3/14~3/20 Exhibition “Three people in Akashi” with Kumi Nakai at Akashi City Museum of Culture
  • 2018/3/1~3/9 “Somewhere in France” Gallery6
  • 2018/11/13~11/25 “Lost in Time” GALLERY7
  • 2018/9/3 Displayed at publication party of “Jinsei wo kaeru kami no maho (life changing hair magic)”

Awards History

  • 2016/4 The first hashi no mieru oka picture award


Exhibition view


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