Tassei Furuya solo exhibition “Territory” 2022.12.13.tue-12.18.sun

Tassei Furuya solo exhibition


This exhibit represents things and things that happen around itself.

Animals have territories and a defensive instinct to secure food and shelter and maintain heat.
Among them, people have various forms of territories, such as land and interpersonal distance, which overlap in their living environment.
Since my childhood, I have often been concerned about the friction caused by differences in distance when interacting with others.
I cannot recognize them visually, and we communicate with them by exploring their territories, which are different from ours.
In his childhood, he used to make things and communicate with others through them.
This was both to protect himself and to expand his territory.
Currently, that act is incorporated into his work with heat derived from fire, creating a mass as a tool to transmit heat.
In confronting the fire, I felt the heat and remembered the importance of the passage of time and distance.
When the fire is far away, you do not feel the heat, but as you get closer, the heat is transmitted and your emotions are moved.
Nowadays, we can access information about other people without having to meet them face to face, and we feel closer to them.
Through social networking sites, a great deal of information about other people is being swapped in and out of our minds.
In such a fast-changing age of competition for survival, we must maintain our heat, reaffirm our heat, and generate it so that our bodies and minds do not become worn out.


1998 Born in Osaka
2021 Graduated from Osaka University of Arts where he studied oil paintings.

What is recorded in the mind and body is added and subtracted to create a mass that incorporates heat.
Heat is energy that is transmitted both externally and internally.
The scorch mark created by incorporating heat into the mass, and the earth-like appearance of the mass visually convey heat to the mind and body, and create a tool for communicating heat that can be reaffirmed.
It creates a transmission tool that reaffirms the heat.
Like the heat that sustains life, I want my work to be familiar to the viewer.

Group exhibition

  • December 2020 U-35 exhibition (hosted by TURNER COLOUR WORKS LTD.)
  • April 2021 BE AT TOKYO project
  • July 2021 The fourth ART COCKTAIL public exhibition
  • September 2021 ARTdrops(hosted by Marco gallery)
  • October 2021 at Fujitani shoten (interior specialty store)
  • September 2022 Any Kobe with Arts 2022
  • September 2022 The fifth ART COCKTAIL public exhibition

Solo exhibition

  • December 2021 Bricolage Art Gallery“Record and replay”
  • The fourth ART COCKTAIL public exhibition gallery award commemorative “Existence”

Award history

  • 2021 The fourth ART COCKTAIL public exhibition Gallery award / Vi-code award


Exhibition view

Exhibition view of last year

Exhibition Overview

Is it close or distant?
Is it warm or hot?
The ground that is everywhere, burned marks that remind us of human steps.
The invisible distance can be felt by the visualized heat.

The strength of its presence gives the illusion that it is not a thing but a person. The sound of gravel sounds like a warning against invaders.
Those who reach out, those who touch, those who only step in, and those who are timid about even standing next to it.
It is a strange tool to reconfirm our personal space.

The meeting and overlapping of self and non-self. The first step in communication, the invasion of territory.
How does your heat react?


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