Roxana Naramzi solo exhibition “Catharsis Moments ” 2022.12.3.sat-12.11.sun

Roxana Naramzi solo exhibition


  • Conept: Energy Art
    Title: Earth’s Magic Lights

    At the beginning, the canvas is empty.
    In my art, I add colors, shapes and movements that I can’t replicate,
    that I can only do it once in a lifetime, unrepeatable.

    Catharsis is the process of releasing the energy from within.
    That energy that is somehow repressed for a long time and cannot be released in any other ways.

    Every human is responsible to find ways to release it, and for me is through the act of creation.

    My abstracts are full of colors and shapes, and you can feel the flow of life in them.
    You just have to look at the works with an open heart.

Roxana Naramzi

  • 1991 born in Romania
    2012 started her career as an English teacher specialised in Early Education
    2013 graduated from the University of Foreign Languages and Education
    2016 first time coming to Japan and experience the Japanese educational system in kindergardens through an international internship
    2018 started working in Japan as an English teacher
    2021 officially started her journey in the world of Art

Art events

  • 2011 First mini-exhibition at the University Cultural Festival – Dimitri Cantemir Christian University, Bucharest, Romania
  • 2021 Participation in Kobe City Rokkosan Micro Canvas Project
  • 2021 First solo exhibition at Bricolage Art Gallery Kobe Kitano (December 12-19th)
  • 2022 SUNSET2117 Osaka Mini Exhibition (February 12-18th)
  • 2022 Ichigo Ichie Exhibition Kofugaen Art Gallery Nishinomiya (April 22-27th)
  • 2022 Roxana Naramzi and rio Exhibition Arts-B Gallery Sakai Osaka (July 2-10th)


Exhibition view

Exhibition Overview

Spiced with glitter, these works evoke a serene world of shimmering colors spread in the canvas.

The paint, which is a mixture of various colors, is both assertive and muddy, and yet it makes each other stand out, harmonizing and captivating.
The grazed brushstrokes is powerful, while the paint is left as it is, as if it were a natural process.
It is as if we are peeping in various worlds one by one.

We hope that your eyes will reflect the sparkle of the glitter scattered about, as if basked in a light of life.


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