<AnyKobe, an art event in Kobe Kitano> Banksy’s art works will be exhibited at Bricolage Sep. 17 – Oct. 3, 2021

AnyKobe×バンクシーの風船と少女の作品がBricolageにて展示されます 2021/9/17-10/3 10:00-19:00

<AnyKobe, an art event in Kobe Kitano>
Banksy’s art works will be exhibited at Bricolage
Fri. September 17, 2021 – Sun. October 3, 2021


Exhibition view


Banksy does not officially announce their identity including birthday and gender.
Since 1990’s, they started their career as a graphic artist, illustrating mainly on British streets and on walls of public buildings.
In 2005, they gained public attention by displaying their own works without permission at MOMA, Metropolitan Museum of Art and British Museum.

About Any Kobe

With the objective of supporting artists , Any Kobe with Arts 2021 is aiming for further development of art activities which connect people with the town and people.

  1. Support activities of artists
    • We offer artists a place where they can display and perform their works.
    • We contribute to artists’ future activities by displaying and selling their art works.
  2. Reproduction and revitalization of the town
    • We make use of historical resources remain in the town as places for art activities and spread its attractions.
    • We aim to attract not only local people but also people live in different areas and foreign travelers.

Event details

Kobe Kitano. In this area, many western buildings are remained which were built between Meiji era and Taisho era for merchants and diplomats.
Art works are exhibited and sold, and artists perform at various venues such as galleries, restaurants, hotels, and wedding halls in the town, including valuable buildings that retain the remnants of those days.
We sincerely hope that through art activities, connection between people and people will become stronger and everyday life will be brighter.

Fri. September 17, 2021 – Sun. October 3, 2021
(Some venues may close on those days and open hours may be different as well. Please check beforehand.)
Kitano area
Circular ticket ¥2,500 
Early bird ticket ¥2,200
Display and sales of works created by invited artists and publicly recruited artists

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    3. Haru.Guo exhibition “Monochrome or Color” 2022.5.19.thu-5.29.sun

    4. たや あさこ Solo Exhibition ~ Parallel World Selection ~

      ASAKO TAYA solo exhibition ~ Parallel World Selection ~ 2021.7.13 ~ 7.19

    5. TON exhibition “Blockage and Emptiness-Crouching in the Middle-” 2022.5.3.tue~5.15.sun

    6. 神戸北野美術館ミュージアムギャラリー展

      A gallery exhibition “Painters of Montmartre” from Kobe Kitano Museum 2021.6.29 ~ 7.4