Jusei Azuma “ADRENALINE ART -From chaos to sublimation-” 2022.9.2.fri-9.11.sun

Jusei Azuma exhibition
“ADRENALINE ART -From chaos to sublimation-”
2022.9.2.fri-9.11.sun 11:00~19:00


at Kitano Square
2022.9.3.sat 14:30~15:30

Close party

2022.9.11.sun 12:00~19:00


Jusei Azuma’s first exhibition of “ADRENALINE ART” is held.
Frustration that has been pent up by everyday occurrence can be a motive power
if people choose the correct way to get it out of thier system.
For Azuma, the way is “ADRENALINE ART”.
He creates his works giving them all he’s got.

Jusei Azuma

Born in July 16th, Cancer.
He expresses his frustration with “ADRENALINE ART” in the way that he hurls the frustration with punching and butting.
Thinking of an expression as a fight at the risk of the life, he creates works.
These days, he is doing various activities like live paints and jacket paints in the Kansai region, apart from exhibitions.


2021 BeeFree Exhibition “PEACE IN MICRO”
2022 Chaos Exhibition the “Utsurun” exhibition Tour “resonance” Kobe Kitano exhibition

Awards History

Accepted for Liquitix THE CHALLENGE
Department award & Selected work for Chaos Exhibition
Appearance on 4chan TV


Exhibition view


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