Naosenyum exhibition “nyaman” 2022.9.13.tue~9.19.mon

Naosenyum exhibition
2022.9.13.tue~9.19.mon 11:00~19:00

Notice Art

Naosenyum delivers messages from your soul as Notice Art making the messages visible with inspirations.

“What does it mean to be myself…?”
“Bring an honest laugh…how…?”
“What do I want to do…?”
“How should I do to listen to my heart voice…?”

I’ve experienced hard time when I divorced, always asking myself,
“How do you want to live the rest of my life?”
“Do you continue caring what others think about you?”
“What should I do to love myself?”
“What do I want to do…?”

At that time, art gave me some energy to find what I want to do.

Introspecting your own mind enables you to realize a lot of things.
Respecting each heart voice would lead smiles from bottom of your heart.
That is Notice Art.

Plase give it a try.
Your life is yours.
Live your life with full of smiles.


Eight years ago, when I was mentally worn out, I went Bali for the first time.
There, Balinese paintings gave me lot of energy, healed me, and then I came to want to make people smile with my own painting.
To make that true, I decided to choose smiling by mtself.
Therefore, I named myself Naosenyum after “senyum” (“smile” in Indonesia) as an artist name.

However, I’d never studied paintings, so started to seek what and how I want to paint pictures.
After a year, I encounterd tangles,and then just kept painting many pictures learning by watching others.
Untile then, I used to paint with fineliner pen mixing tangles with pointillism, but after joining workshop of pointillism, my paintings got colorful.
These days, I adopt wooden board, leathers, clothes, and burning art to my paintings.

My motto is “comfortable” when painting,
The theme of this exhibition is “nyaman”, which meaning is comfortable in Indonesia.

Please choose smiling, and spend a comfortable time.


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