Yukkyâna exhibition “Hmm, it’s a bit naughty.” 2022.6.18.sat~6.27.mon

Yukkyâna exhibition
“Hmm, it’s a bit naughty.”
2022.6.18.sat~6.27.mon 11:00~19:00


The virginity exhibition✡️
I let my insides out as I felt them👀👅Free world🗽
Heart of art on earth 🌏❤️💛💚


Born 25 October 1996 (same birthday as Picasso lol).
From Awaji Island.

In 2020, I was studying in Australia when the Corona disaster struck.
I was backpacking and living a life of self-restraint. I had a lot of anxiety and when I became depressed, I found myself drawing pictures.
A sketchbook that I had no intention of showing to anyone.
At the time, I didn’t even want anyone to see it.
When I returned to Japan, I suddenly showed it to my best friend.
My best friend cried, as if she could feel how sick I was at that time.
I was crying too, as memories of those days came back to me.
I was so moved that my emotions were conveyed through the painting.
From then on, I was completely absorbed in the fascination of art.

Exhibit works

Exhibition Scenery


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