Kojiro Kitada exhibition “unnamed” 2022.7.1.fri~7.13.wed

Kojiro Kitada exhibition
2022.7.1.fri~7.13.wed 11:00~19:00


Solo exhibition by woodworker Kojiro Kitada.
Works carved from a single block of wood will be on display and for sale.
Enjoy the expression of the shape and material.

Kojiro Kitada

1989 Born in Kobe, Japan
After apprenticing under a master carpenter in his home town of Kobe, he entered the world of palace carpentry in Nara.
He then worked for a construction company on a new building with hand fabrication.
He handles everything from the construction of the interior to the furniture.

2019 Establishment of ‘mokuro’
Currently also working as ‘santa products’ with two designers who are friends.

Exhibit works

Exhibition Scenery


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