Tassei Furuya solo exhibition “Record and replay” 2021.12.1~10

Tassei Furuya solo exhibition “Record and replay”


Converting and combining what is recorded in the brain and replaying them in a primitive way.
Just like having produced an axe by combining stone and wood.


1998 Born in Osaka
2021 Graduated from Osaka University of Arts where he studied oil paintings.
From the latter half of the senior year, he started using heat to create works.

Heat is an energy that can transmit to both external and internal.
He believes using the heat in his works can instinctively stimulate people.

Group exhibition

  • December 2020 U-35 exhibition (hosted by TURNER COLOUR WORKS LTD.)
  • February 2021 Graduation Exhibition at Osaka University of Arts
  • February 2021 Graduation Volunteer Exhibition of abstract works
  • April 2021 BE AT TOKYO project
  • July 2021 The fourth ART COCKTAIL public exhibition
  • September 2021 ARTdrops(hosted by Marco gallery)

Solo exhibition

  • October 2021 at Fujitani shoten (interior specialty store)

Award history

  • 2021 The fourth ART COCKTAIL public exhibition Gallery award/ Vi-code award


Exhibition view


  1. Masaki TANI – syncasync-

    Masaki TANI – syncasync – 2023.5.20.sat-5.28.sun

  2. Yu Haino「I’ll fucking love you.」2023.12.2.sat~12.10.sun

  3. Naoko Geirin solo exhibition “Visionnaire -visionary-” 2023.11.23.thu-11.30.thu

  4. Mana Umezawa exhibition “Sea of Thought” 2023.7.5.wed~7.11.tue

  5. Akira Sakamoto solo exhibition “border” 2022.11.23.wed-11.30.wed

  6. Masuda Akira Solo Exhibition “My Angel” 2024.1.13.sat-1.27.sat