ASAKO TAYA solo exhibition ~ Parallel World Selection ~ 2021.7.13 ~ 7.19

たや あさこ Solo Exhibition ~ Parallel World Selection ~

Asako Taya 
solo exhibition ~ Parallel World Selection ~
2021.7.13.tue ~ 7.19.mon


“Art is Philosophy”

This is the concept which I always cherish when I perform artistic activities as a painter Asako Taya.

Art is to face and understand oneself deeply

and feel deep connection with oneself.

And it is to love oneself deeply.

This is what I think art is. The more I paint, the more I realize

how much I don’t know about myself.
There is no choice but to face with true oneself when producing something,

which makes me think about “inside” and “outside” as if I was deeply lost in the maze.
A commitment to build up from blood and from bones little by little, day by day

rather than making out of superficial things.

It doesn’t matter if it is hot or cold or if it’s sunny or rainy.

Even if it takes tremendous amount of time.

Even if I come to know my ugliness and loneliness more than I would like to.
Nevertheless, I adore the worlds which is created by me so much that I always cry with happiness.
My works are all my children and my avatar,

which clearly reflect my thoughts, my way of living and my sincerity.

The answers are always found “inside”

and only after I come to know the true “inside”, I first appreciate “outside”
from the bottom of my heart. “outside” from the bottom of my heart.

Then, I realize that everything is “myself”. What I am aiming for.

Is to be true “Asako Taya”.

Without being restricted by anything, I just allow myself to be here, at this moment and slow down in life.

Be connected with “true myself” calmly and easily.

I want to choose to be “me” all the time.
All the works are my path created from impression, discovery, and gratitude

which I, a painter Asako Taya, have gained from inquiry and consideration for life.
I am hoping that one day my works will be a key to the new world for many people. Asako Taya

Concept ~Parallel World Series ~

Since 2005, when I started oil painting in earnest, I have created works mainly with the theme of objects,
places, time and feelings from which I feel energy of lives.I have pursued this theme and realized that essentially anyone can create and live a life they want.

I wonder this uncertain reality which seems exist but has nothing might be a reflection of one’s mind.

I wonder that in nature, any events have no meaning and that oneself
who receives an event gives any meaning they like and evaluation to the event they receive and
by the accumulated amount, they choose parallel world to live which suits themselves the most.

With this thought, she started “parallel world series” from 2011.

She creates works with hope for the future, pleasure for the freedom and
appreciation for “now” which exists unlimitedly.

In addition, from 2013, as a seed to create “parallel world”, she started “happy seed water color series”.

It began with the thought that it might develop one’s mind more to spread happy seeds in wide variety
ways in order to create the world they want.

She creates, hoping that the works will help people to start thinking
what their own happiness is and how their mind should be and that the thoughts
will sprout freely and that the work itself will bring them happiness.

All the works are quest for “lives” and at the same time they are the process to the world
which Asako Taya is aiming for and also the discoveries.

I would like you to see them while thinking about your new unknown world.

Asako Taya

Born in Kobe and raised in Takarazuka
Graduated from Hibarigaoka Gakuen High School
Graduated as the top student  from  Takarazuka University of Art and Design
Opened her own atelier, atelier A, in Takarazuka, Hyogo
Retired from Takarazuka stage Co.,Ltd. (Worked as a background painter for The Takarazuka Revue )
Established “office & atelier Asako TAYA”
Relocated her office & atelier to Kobe
Renamed the trade name to Tayamaru shoji

Solo Exhibition

2013 Asako Taya The First Solo Exhibition ~Parallel World~ / Gallery Chayamachi(Umeda, Osaka)
2014 Asako Taya The Second Solo Exhibition ~Parallel World~ / Gallery Chayamachi(Umeda, Osaka)
2016 Asako Taya Solo Exhibition ~Parallel World~ / Gallery Chayamachi(Umeda, Osaka) Exhibition “Pink bear” / Gallery Chayamachi(Umeda, Osaka)
2017 Asako Taya Solo Exhibition ~Parallel World~ / Gallery Chayamachi(Umeda, Osaka)

Awards History

2008 the 10th Setsuryosha Florence Award / honorable mention awarded by VA 5 competitions /  Jury Special Award / the 5th Inochi no katachi Exhibition / Outstanding performance prize
2009 Spring Sculpture Exhibition / Grand Prize for Graduation Production / the 62nd Kansai New Production Exhibition / Kansai New Creator Award
The third biennale Ushiku / Final award candidate
2012 EMP GALLERY Art fair Contest / Special prize

Books/ media

Pink bear a postcard book Pink bear (as the name of Acha.T)
Bijyutsu no Mado (A window of art)
Gendai Nihon no Bijyutsu(A modern Japanese art)
Public relations magazine of Takarazuka University
Kobe Shimbun, Mainichi Shimbun, Asahi Shimbun, Sankei Shimbun
FM Takarazuka

Group exhibitions and gallery exhibitions

2005 Venezia Exhibited inside of Shozo Shimamoto’s booth / Italia・Venezia / La~Soko ni Ikiru Inochi (Lives living there)  three-person exhibition / Gallery WABISUKE (Koshien, Hyogo) / F*Eighteens three-person exhibition /  Gallery cafe Le Parc(Osaka)
2006 Napoli Participated in Shozo Shimamoto’s performance / Italia・Napoli / The20HATACHI Five-person exhibition / Gallery WABISUKE (Koshien, Hyogo)
2007 Kansai Shinseisaku (new works) exhibition / Gallery Harada no Mori (Kobe) / The 71st Shinseisaku (new works) Exhibition / The National Art Center, Tokyo, Kyoto City Museum of Art
2008 GINZA de ART  / Ginza, Tokyo / Real Exhibition(joint exhibition) /  Gallery Harada no Mori (Kobe) / The 72nd Shinseisaku (new works) Exhibition /  The National Art Center, Tokyo, Kyoto City Museum of Art
/ The 73rd Shinseisaku (new works) Exhibition /  The National Art Center, Tokyo, Kyoto City Museum of Art
2010 Shanghai Art fair / Shanghai, China / The 26th IZUBI / Got a prize / Best of New Comer 2010・Gallery special exhibition / Galley CORSO(Tokyo) / The9th ING exhibition・Gallery special exhibition / Gallery CORSO(Tokyo)
The 74th Shinseisaku (new works) exhibition /  The National Art Center, Tokyo, Kyoto City Museum of Art
2011 Japanese Art Selection exhibition / The Ueno Royal Museum (Tokyo)
2012 Shanghai Art fair / Shanghai, China / Heart Art Communication exhibition  /  21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa/  Invited artist exhibition / The 76th Shinseisaku (new works) exhibition /  The National Art Center, Tokyo, Kyoto City Museum of Art / Exhibition Commemorating the 40th Anniversary of the Normalization of Diplomatic Relations between Japan and China・Gallery special exhibition / Shanghai Fugetsusha Gallery(Shanghai M50area) / ING~Best of New Comer 2012・Gallery special exhibition / EMP GALLERY(Tokyo)
2013 The 77th Shinseisaku (new works) exhibition /  The National Art Center, Tokyo, Kyoto City Museum of Art / EMP GALLERY COLLECTION ・Gallery special exhibition  / EMP GALLERY(Tokyo)
2014 Exhibition「BLOOMING」・Gallery special exhibition / SPACE WOMb Gallery (New York・USA) / ART POINT Selection Ⅳ Four-person exhibition・Gallery special exhibition  / Gallery ART POINT (Tokyo)
2015 Shanghai Gallery Permanent exhibition・Gallery special exhibition  /  Shanghai Fugetsusha Gallery(Shanghai M50area)/  Total design of flags along sidewalk of Osaka Umeda Shinmidosuji / Osaka Umeda(until April 20117)
2016 Art wo Kariru(to rent art) exhibition vol.2・Gallery special exhibition / T-Art Gallery (Tokyo)
2017 『smile exhibition curated by Hoff Dylan』・Gallery special exhibition / T-ART HALL (T-Art Gallery) (Tokyo)
*Besides above, several group exhibitions and gallery exhibitions*


Exhibition view


    1. みしまあきひろ展「景色は日々へ」

      Akihiro Mishima solo exhibition “The Scenery from Day to Day” 2021.7.24 ~ 8.6

    2. Haru.Guo exhibition “Monochrome or Color” 2022.5.19.thu-5.29.sun

    3. Masuda Akira solo exhibition “Hi, Angel-chan and Devil-chan are here.” 2022.1.21.fri-1.30.sun

    4. Harashiba. exhibition “May you not meet someone better tomorrow.” 2022.12.20.tue~12.26.mon

    5. 陽MKD 絵コンテ展「脳内BEAM.」

      陽MKD storyboard exhibition “INTRACEREBRAL BEAM.”

    6. Nao Morigo Exhibition “108 Desires” 2022.11.12.sat-11.20.sun