Roxana Naramzi solo exhibition “Waves of Light “2023.12.17.sun-12.24.sun

Roxana Naramzi solo exhibition
2023.12.17.sun-12.24.sun 11:00-19:00(until 17:00 on the last day)


  • “Waves of Light “ was born from the Divine inspiration and guidance which I received in the past year.
    It is about the light all of us have within but we might not notice or be conscious of.
    That light inside that can heal us and the people around us.
    All the changes that I have been through this year had a great impact on myself as a person and brought me one step closer to the spiritual awakening. I believe that we can bring light in the world through many ways but in my case, is through art and education. I enjoyed the process of choosing the colors that represent best my energy and vibes and I hope I can lighten up your souls even a little bit by the end of this year and give you the energy to start next year with new forces and good vibes.
    I truly believe that wherever love is present, fear disappears and it cannot control us anymore. Love that comes out of the light within us can heal and give courage to other people around us that is why my art is a gift for myself and the people who take time and come to see my paintings.
    And don’t forget that what you send out into the world is what you get back. You were born to grow, expand and show the beauty you hold within . And so it is!

Roxana Naramzi

  • Roxana Naramzi is an abstract artist born in Romania who established in Japan since 2018. In 2021, she started her art career and held her first solo exhibition in Kobe. Since then, she has exhibited also in Osaka and Nishinomiya, participating in the same time in various art projects and events around Japan. She thinks that art has the power to change lives: “I think that art changes with us. As we go through different life experiences, our perspective changes too. This life journey makes you a different person with each and every new experience you encounter. You never see the same artwork twice either, in the same way because of this continuous change.”
    She also believes that we can use art as a tool which we can use to spread love and light with the people around us.

Art events

  • 2011 First mini-exhibition at the University Cultural Festival – Dimitri Cantemir Christian University, Bucharest, Romania
  • 2021 Participation in Kobe City Rokkosan Micro Canvas Project
  • 2021 First solo exhibition at Bricolage Art Gallery Kobe Kitano (December 12-19th)
  • 2022 SUNSET2117 Osaka Mini Exhibition (February 12-18th)
  • 2022 Ichigo Ichie Exhibition Kofugaen Art Gallery Nishinomiya (April 22-27th)
  • 2022 Roxana Naramzi and rio Exhibition Arts-B Gallery Sakai Osaka (July 2-10th)
  • 2023 Pre- HACOLLE Exhibition , vol.3 , Nishinomiya, Hyogo, World Times Art Gallery(January28th – February 5th)
  • 2023 created Roxana’s Art Workshop for adults(March)
  • 2023 Wine and Art Workshop event for adults at Casablanca , Nishinomiya. (March 18th)
  • 2023 Participation in the Niichi Ichigo Ichie Exhibition Kofugaen Art Gallery Nishinomiya(April 21-26th)
  • 2023 stared a series of Art Workshops for Adults at Nakanoshima Library, Osaka(July 1st)
  • 2023 Model and exhibitor during “Girl Power” event organized by Miracle Japan at Epic Art Space in Kobe(September 2nd)
  • 2023 “Waves of Light” Solo exhibition at Bricolage Art Gallery (December 17-24th)


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