NIRO Solo Exhibition “OLD NEW” 2023.5.2.tue-5.14.sun

NIRO Solo Exhibition “OLD NEW”


-Reinterpretation of Hyogo Folktales-
An exhibition featuring folktales from Hyogo Prefecture, where NIRO was born and raised.
The stories that have been handed down to the present day are depicted from NIRO’s unique perspective,
offering a renewed appreciation of their timeless appeal and new discoveries.


Born in Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture in 1988, NIRO is a painter whose works combine unique design and artistic elements to create a completely new sensation for viewers.

As a child, he loved drawing and later became passionate about hip-hop during his teenage years, immersing himself in the world of street art.

Starting around 2010, he began creating artwork for various projects such as CD jackets and T-shirt designs for local Kobe hip-hop artists, exploring the unique style of paint associated with the scene.

Around 2016, he began taking on client work such as live painting at events, creating murals for stores, and designing logos for companies. Through these opportunities, he formed his current style of painting and continues to pursue a connection between society and art.


Exhibition overview

Re designed anecdotes.
Deformed life in the past vividly colors both comedy and tragedy.

The folklore depicted with strong straight lines and supple curves recalls the family crests handed down from generation to generation.
The matte screen and luster of Japanese slumber.
The cut-out stories remind us of the depth of the nature around us.

While there are things that will not remain, there are things that will be handed down.
I hope that they will be handed down to the next generation.
Even if it is not good, even if it is not new.


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