Renchi solo exhibition “JINGLE HELL!!” 2023.8.18.fri~8.27.sun

Renchi solo exhibition
2023.8.18.fri~8.27.sun 11:00~19:00


This is the first solo exhibition of Renchi, who says that manga is a means of expressing himself.
He creates stories and characters,
In the process of creating stories and characters, his own feelings and thoughts are projected onto his works, or manga.
We hope you will enjoy his worldview and feel his thoughts.


Exhibition overview

Looking at the life-size bright darkness, the illusion of existence.

The ink on the slick paper moves and takes my gaze away.

I felt dizzy as I approached.
I felt like I was about to enter, and my instincts were refusing to let me.

A story poured from my handwriting.



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