Coba. SOLO EXHIBITION “RYU” 2023.8.29.tue~9.3.sun

2023.8.29.tue~9.3.sun 11:00~19:00


Dinosaurs with their strength as living creatures and dragons with their power as imaginary gods.
The exhibit is designed to allow visitors to absorb the energy of each from two different kinds of ryu.


Born in Hyogo
Graduated from Department of Visual Design of Kobe Design University

Exhibition overview

Trace each scale to make sure it’s different from the others.
Bright flakes, colors like treasures.

I want to touch it, but I can’t really touch it. And yet somehow I understand that it is warm.
I’ve never met them, they’ve never existed.
The softly encased energy is given to you gently, without attacking you. Maybe it is the soul that is here.

I wonder if you could show me the inside of your mouth more often.



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