Masaki TANI – syncasync – 2023.5.20.sat-5.28.sun

Masaki TANI – syncasync-

Masaki TANI – syncasync-


All beings exist also as supports like materials to form something else when seen from another world.”
I call this idea the “support theory” and it is the basis of my creative activities.
This is the idea that the objects and phenomena in front of us,
even our own bodies and minds, are actually like materials and temporary forms to form something.
For the past two years, I have been working on one of the more specific themes of support theory, “ma (space)”.
The content is that in order to perceive and recognize a thing, we need to capture it through its framework.
In other words, we cannot directly perceive the thing itself,
but there is something between us and the thing that synchronizes us.
Under this idea, my creations are expressed across several media,
including three-dimensional, two-dimensional, video, installation, and performance.


Performance Events


*Admission fee of 2,000 yen per person will be charged for the performance event only.(Free for elementary school students and under)
Talk event is free of charge.
Please come early as the fee will be charged at the time of admission on the day of the event.
Admission may be limited due to limited viewing space. If you need to make a reservation, please send your name, contact information, date of attendance, and number of people to the e-mail address below.

Part I: Collaborative Performance

A new collaborative performance with actor Amane Nekomura will be held at the exhibition site.
The body of Nekomura Amane will create a new work space in response to the video projection by Masateru Tani and the works on display.

Amane Nekomura

Actor of SPAC (Shizuoka Performing Arts Center).
He is the leader and director of the theater company OTONOYA, and a Japanese dancer. Lecturer at Keio University. Born in Tokyo, graduated from the University of Tokyo.
His representative works include “Onishimono-no Ai”, “Hagoromo”, and “Watashi”, a play for women with developmental disabilities. She has given many recitation theater performances and workshops at temples and shrines and in children’s wards. She is a master dancer of the Hanayagi school of Japanese dance.

Past Collaborative Performances

Part 2: Live Painting

I call the act of drawing within the mirror-like effect of the camera and projector “Spread follow”.
The artist momentarily selects fragments of variously changing images projected on paper and applies paint as if following the movement of the fragments.
The images change in response to the artist’s own movements and the external environment, so the artist draws the image of his own body, which shifts slightly, and the way the light is affected by it, as if trying to find the right moment to draw it.

Talk Event


We will have a talk event with Tetsuya Miyata, a critic of the history of Japanese modern art thought.
No admission fee will be charged during the talk event.
Miyata’s newly published books and other items will also be on sale during the exhibition.

Tetsuya Miyata

Research on the history of Japanese modern art thought.
After working with Okakura Kakuzo, Miyagawa Torao, and Hariu Ichiro, he arrived at Japanese avant-garde art after the defeat in World War II.
He explores the “present” of culture through the intersection of dance, butoh, music, design, film, literature, philosophy, criticism, research, and thought.

*Admission fee of 2,000 yen per person will be charged during the performance event only.

Masaki TANI

Born in Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture. Graduated from Shizuoka University, Graduate School of Art Education.
From 2012 to 2017, he had worked in Shizuoka as an instructor at the workshops of Shizuoka Prefectural Museum.
In 2018, he was a member of the PixCell production team at SANDWICH in Kyoto, where he assists in the production of artworks.
Currently, he operates an after-school daycare service based in Kobe City, centering on physical and artistic rehabilitation.
He is also active as an artist and conducts workshops in various locations, focusing on the fusion of art and education.

Representative of Bambrook LLC. Board member of Angel Smile Co., Ltd

Solo exhibition

Masaki TANI Solo exhibition in Shizuoka (NOAH gallery, Shizauoka)

Group exhibition

KACHU (Gallery annexed to Kyoto Saga University of Arts, Kyoto)
IAG Artists Selection (Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre, Tokyo)
Dimension (GALLERY AND LINKS 81, Tokyo)
Any Kobe with Arts 2022 (MRSX building、Hyogo)
Second Tamba art competition (Kasuga Bunka Hall, Hyogo)
International beads biennale 2020 HIROSHIMA」(gallery t, Tokyo)
UENO art festival KENZAN comtemporary (matsuzakaya Ueno branch, Tokyo)
KENZAN 2021 (Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre, Tokyo)
Art Program in Kakurinji (Kakurinji, Hyogo)
Kakegawa Chaennale 2020+1 (Osuka Bunka Hall, Shizuoka)

Participated in many other group exhibitions

Invitation, collection, and others

UNKNOWN ASIA 2022 (Selected)
IAG Artists Selection (Selected)
Any Kobe with Arts (Trophy commissioned production)
Any Kobe with Arts (Invited artist)
KAKEGAWA CHA ENNALE 2020+1 (Invited artist)
MI Gallery (Collection of photo works)


Exhibition overview

The image changes, guided by the light.
Unpredictable, chasing after it even though it cannot be caught up with.

How long has this dizzying phenomenon existed?
A spiral staircase with no end in sight. The sensation of being trapped in a kaleidoscope and becoming in-between.
I realize that I am not established.

In the space to match the number of floors, it tries to be mixed and formed because of its own existence.
Causing the coincidental synchronization to be inevitable.


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