Yoshihiro Okamoto exhibition “Lucky” 2023.11.3.fri~11.12.sun

Yoshihiro Okamoto exhibition “Lucky”
2023.11.3.fri~11.12.sun 11:00-19:00(until 17:00 on the last day)


Wishing for such and such.
Such and such a thought.

I hope things are good for you.

For you and for me.

Yoshihiro Okamoto

Exhibition overview

Moist, chocolatey texture that would stick to your fingers if you touched it.

What does it taste like deep down?
Layered and smoothed over, no longer clearly visible.

A missing brushstroke, a seamless streak of line, shapes someone.

Different positions change the expression.
The way you feel changes your emotions.
You can decide which is joy, anger, sorrow or pleasure.
Lucky you.


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