TASSEI FURUYA solo exhibition “KEEP HEAT” 2023.11.15.wed-11.20.sun

TASSEI FURUYA Solo Exhibition


Heat is an energy that is difficult to visually perceive, but is present in our immediate surroundings and is essential for sustaining life.
To sustain life is to maintain heat.
To do this, heat may be taken in from the outside or generated from the inside.
Heat cannot be kept unchanged. It gradually weakens and disappears over time.
Therefore, we make various efforts to retain heat, but it is doomed to age and finally return to the soil.
The work’s scorch marks, earthy look and crumbling appearance visually evoke heat, and we hope that viewers will see it as a device to reaffirm heat.


1998 Born in Osaka
2021 Graduated from Osaka University of Arts where he studied oil paintings.

What is recorded in the mind and body is added and subtracted to create a mass that incorporates heat.
Heat is energy that is transmitted both externally and internally.
The scorch mark created by incorporating heat into the mass, and the earth-like appearance of the mass visually convey heat to the mind and body, and create a tool for communicating heat that can be reaffirmed.
It creates a transmission tool that reaffirms the heat.
Like the heat that sustains life, I want my work to be familiar to the viewer.

Group exhibition

  • December 2020 U-35 exhibition (hosted by TURNER COLOUR WORKS LTD.)
  • April 2021 BE AT TOKYO project
  • July 2021 The fourth ART COCKTAIL public exhibition
  • September 2021 ARTdrops(hosted by Marco gallery)
  • October 2021 at Fujitani shoten (interior specialty store)
  • September 2022 Any Kobe with Arts 2022
  • September 2022 The fifth ART COCKTAIL public exhibition
  • May 2023 KOBE ART MARCHE 2023
  • June 2023 ART WEEKS Daimaru Kobe store
  • September 2023 UNKNOWN ASIA 2023

Solo exhibition

  • December 2021 Bricolage Art Gallery“Record and replay”
  • The fourth ART COCKTAIL public exhibition gallery award commemorative “Existence”
  • December 2022 Bricolage Art Gallery“Territory”

Award history

  • 2021 The fourth ART COCKTAIL public exhibition Gallery award / Vi-code award

Exhibition overview

They are looking over their heads.
It is letting us know where it is, as if to say, “It is right to be here.

Parts created with a rough texture and a weathered appearance.

It seems to be close at hand, but it isn’t. It seems to be remembered, but it can’t be found.
It seems to be in our memory, but we can’t find it.

Is it seen from the sky?
Is it seen from space?
Is it felt from the galaxy?

It is here, borrowing the form of the earth, because it certainly exists.

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