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We will exhibit at the Art Fair Event “KOBE ART MARCHÉ 2024”.


Bricolage is an art gallery in Kobe Kitano run by PIPELINE Inc.
Gallery Bricolage was opened, with a hope that art will be a part of everyone’s life.
We would like this place to be a primary gallery for amature creators to start their career,
and to be a place where they can encounter unforgettable arts for customers.

Exhibiting artist

Takahiro Yamada

Takahiro Yamada

A ballpoint pen artist specializing in depicting animals, primarily cats.
Drawing inspiration from images provided by pet owners, they capture the vitality, warmth, and liveliness of the animals on paper through a range of simple to intricate strokes.
Utilizing mainly shades of black, they create unique and captivating artworks with just a single pen, continuously crafting one-of-a-kind pieces.



“Wine Top Art”.
Using discarded wine caps and corks as materials, without any coloring, they primarily create three-dimensional artworks, leveraging the natural colors of the materials.
Their theme revolves around “Living Here and Now (on Earth)”, expressing the beauty, dignity, and uniqueness of living creatures, with a focus on beloved animals as motifs.

Masaki TANI

Masaki TANI

At the core of their creative endeavors lies the concept that “every existence also exists as a substrate (material of sorts) for shaping something else when viewed from another world or dimension.”
They express this idea across various media such as sculpture, two-dimensional art, video, installations, and performances.

Mika Takeuchi

Mika Takeuchi

They conduct research on amusement parks nationwide, creating paintings and installations inspired by animal-shaped play equipment called “Melody Pets.”
In the continuously evolving contemporary society, they question themes of “consumerism” and “wealth” through the miraculous existence of these structures.

Akira Masuda

Akira Masuda

Influenced by Western art, they developed an interest in the presence of angels, portraying their idealized angel, “Angel-chan.”
They express emotions experienced in everyday life through poses and expressions.


We are delighted to announce the 15th edition of the “Kobe Art Market 2024,” which will take place from April 19th (Fri) to 21st (Sun) at the Kobe Meriken Park Oriental Hotel. Started in 2009 with the aim of expanding the art market and revitalizing the art industry, the hotel art fair “Kobe Art Market” has grown into a significant event, marking its memorable 15th edition this year. Since its inception, Kobe Art Market has served as a launching pad for many emerging galleries, young artists, and new collectors venturing into the world of art market.

As we celebrate the 15th edition, we aim to build upon the foundation laid in previous years and take significant strides towards further growth and development. We look forward to your participation in Kobe Art Market 2024 with great anticipation.


Overview of the event

Date and time
Kobe Meriken Park Oriental Hotel 9F
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