Akihiro Mishima exhibition “In the Forest of Belief” 2023.7.15.sat~7.23.sun

Akihiro Mishima exhibition
“In the Forest of Belief”
2023.7.15.sat~7.23.sun 11:00~19:00

Reception Event

Music Live & “Boku wa oto wo mitaite yo”Screening
July 16, 2023 (Sun) 18:00-21:00
Fee: 1000 yen
Please bring your own drinks and food. Everyone is welcome to share hapiness.

Akihiro Mishima

Born in Suma, Kobe
Graduated from Department of Visual Design of Kobe Design University
Graduated from Graduate School of Arts and Design of Kobe Design University


In charge of the illustration and poem page in a magazine Kobe Ginga Club
Held a workshop at Muji
Held a solo exhibition at Kobe Kitano Museum in 2020
Held a “E kara Oto e Inori no Ongakukai” (A prayer concert, from picture to sound) at Suma temple
Held a Akihiro Mishima exhibition “Landscape to Days” at Gallery Bricolage in 2021
Held a Akihiro Mishima exhibition “Living on the water” at Gallery Bricolage in 2022
Exhibited at Kobe Art Marché 2023

Awards History

Awarded grand prize at the first and second city council poster design
Awarded the 56th Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art Award for Design division

Exhibition overview


The painted waterside becomes a forest, leading to a dense space. And yet, the clinging dampness grazes a few millimeters of skin, and they just can’t touch each other.

Expectations flow down along people.
Dissolving and permeating the pictorial, transforming the pouring days into slumber.

I’m watching you. From among the trees, that you are watching.

With hope.


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