Matsumoto Saneyuki exhibition 「us」 2022.3.4.fri~3.14.mon

Matsumoto Saneyuki exhibition
2022.3.4.fri~3.14.mon 11:00~19:00


The works titled “Girls with a same face and a same expression” will be on sale at the exhibition.
By drawing same faces on each work, appreciators can see thier friends and themselves in those of girls,
and also, the girls’expressions make you reflect yourself on them.

All of those works are “us”, and also “you”, and “them” as well.

You would feel like the girls are very different persons even though thier faces are absolutely the same.
I appresiate it if you could see yourself and your friends in my works.

Matsumoto Saneyuki

Illustrator / Artist
Born in Hyogo, Japan
Active in a wide range of fields, including illustration, watercolor and other painting works, mural art, live painting, and portrait painting.


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