Iro solo exhibition “Bring it on” 2022.7.26.tue-7.31.sun

Iro solo exhibition “Bring it on”
2022.7.26.tue-7.31.sun 11:00-19:00


I’m not matured yet.
But, no one has the right to look down me.


Born in 2002
Rasied in Kita district, Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture.
Kobe Dsign University   Department of Visual Dsign student

|Activity history
Secound year high shool In charge of the plot frontispiece on Twitter
In charge of icon production and gamers team logo production by requesting illustrations

|Award history
2019 Reading Impressions Hyogo Prefecture Contest Kobe 1st Place Selected
2019 Hyogo Prefectural Comprehensive Cultural Festival Plane Category Excellence Award

Exhibit works

Exhibition Scenery


  1. Tassei Furuya solo exhibition “Record and replay” 2021.12.1~10

  2. Haru.Guo solo exhibition “Fashion Illustration 2021” 2021.10.30~11.7

  3. Maeshin exhibition 「Colors & No Colors」 2022.4.9.sat~4.17.sun

  4. Roxana Naramzi solo exhibition 「Hearts Voice」 2021.12.12.sun~12.19.sun

  5. Jusei Azuma “ADRENALINE ART -From chaos to sublimation-” 2022.9.2.fri-9.11.sun

  6. Yukkyâna exhibition “Hmm, it’s a bit naughty.” 2022.6.18.sat~6.27.mon