Akira Sakamoto solo exhibition “border” 2022.11.23.wed-11.30.wed

Akira Sakamoto solo exhibition
2022.11.23.wed-11.30.wed 11:00-19:00


Lines that appear when painting.
If the thickness is different, the impression changes greatly.
If the density of the lines changes, the way they appear also changes.
I would like you to pay attention to the expressions that these lines express.

Akira Sakamoto

Born in 1997 in Osaka.
Graduated from a university of foreign languages, but since he was a small child, he had a desire to draw pictures to help others. He started his activities in Osaka in 2021.
Currently, as a painter’s assistant, she supports activities to solve poverty and environmental problems.


Exhibition view

Exhibition overview

They give an ambiguous impression of staring at “somewhere”.
What expressions do they have in your mind?

Trace the lines and contours that create their expressions and remember them.
I wonder if she looked like this at “that time”.
What happened after that time, found from memory?
The depth derived from the colorful, matte drawings evoke your memories.

Whatever it may be, they will accept it.


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