TON exhibition “Blockage and Emptiness-Crouching in the Middle-” 2022.5.3.tue~5.15.sun

TON exhibition
2022.5.3.tue~5.15.sun 11:00~19:00


I illustrate people with color pencils.
I do not want to express people, but I just do my thoughts and feelings in the form of people.
A feeling of “blockage” that makes you feel like you are about to suffocate
and a “feeling of emptiness” that makes you feel like you are in there but somehow slipped out.
I feel that these two conflicting emotions have always been inside of me.
The “blockage” of a person pushed into the screen.
The “emptiness” that dwells in unpainted hair and clothes,
leaving the background color which is overlaid on the base.
Another “blockage” created by cutting out a “blockaded” person.
Since 2019, I have been producing works with the theme of this “blockage and emptiness” .
I feel that this feeling that I have been staring at personally
has been spread all over the world since 2020.A feeling of blockage and emptiness
Crouching in the middle.


From Hyogo
Graduated from Takarazuka University of Art and Design, Department of Visual Art and Design

Solo and group exhibitions

  • 2020 ”Crouching Again” ART COCKTAIL in Osaka
    Public exhibition “beyond” ART COCKTAIL in Osaka
  • 2021 Any Kobe with Arts 2021 “Super Public Exhibition”  Shiraz Club in Kitano, Kobe
    Group exhibition “The first Okuno Building Galleries Art Exhibition” Ginza GalleryG2 in Ginza, Tokyo
    Group exhibition “CROSS OVER Vol.27 in the U.K” Sway Gallery London in London
    Kobe ART LIVE KOBE 2021 at ANA Crown Plaza Kobe
  • 2022 Kobe Art Marche 2022 at Kobe Oriental Hotel


  • 2020  Audience award for public exhibition “beyond” (ART COCKTAIL Osaka)
  • 2021  Hiroko Koshino award for Any Kobe with Arts 2021 “Super Public Exhibition” (Shiraz Club Kobe Kitano)
  • 2021 Honorable mention for group exhibition “The first Okuno Building Galleries Art Exhibition” (Ginza GalleryG2 Tokyo Ginza)


Exhibition view


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