Maeshin exhibition 「Colors & No Colors」 2022.4.9.sat~4.17.sun

Maeshin exhibition「Colors & No Colors」
2022.4.9.sat~4.17.sun 11:00~19:00


In the case of photos, especially ones of people, over 95% are for commercial use such as gravure and advertisements
and almost none of them are recognized as art works.
I have experienced that my works were not paid attention to or were not seen as valuable things
just because they are photographs even though I created them as arts .
I am not a good illustrator
So I have decided to express
“Mimicry painting”

About the artistry of mimicry painting

Indeed there are factors that it is easy to duplicate, that the process of physically outputting it as a work is outsourced, and that there is a strong recognition that it is completed by outputting it to a printer, but Japanese photographs that are highly commercial are not recognized as art as much as ones in overseas.

I have experienced that my works were not paid much attention to at exhibitions or were seen as low valued things
just because they are photographs even though I created them as arts .

I am not a good illustrator.
So I have decided to express “Mimicry painting” in my photographs.

This technique “mimicry” is to make the audience not aware of “photographs” and help them to see it simply as a work without categorizing them into photos and paintings.

Also, since “mimicry” requires some kind of surprise and revealing, it is okay for people to find out it is a photograph.
Hidden cameras and surprises are fun for both those who set it up and those who are being set up.
By setting a certain kind of surprise, a circle of positive emotions spreads there.

After you see the works, I would like to ask you to try the same surprise for someone who is close to you.
Then, you will see there is a circle of positive emotions spreads and at the center there is a work that mimics a painting.

This chain of positive emotions cannot be created either in paintings or photographs.

I hope to introduce you new charms and values which only “mimicry painting” can do.

About work production and sales

As for how to deal with the production and sale of works, I apply ways of many painters who I know. I do not set the edition for the works to be sold so that I can take care of one work carefully.

More and more people start recognizing that “anything can be freely done by image processing and compositing on PC”. However on the other hand, it is true that works created relying on image processing and compositing photography may feel somewhat dull.
Many painters and writers create the entire process of one work by themselves. On the other hand, however, in case of “photography”, the process of physically outputting it as a work is outsourced.
Because the idea of outsourcing the process where I can output my feelings does not suit me, I dare to break away from “photograph” whose final process of making it a work = print. Rather I have established my own style that I consistently performs all the processes from shooting to printing, mimicry processing with painting materials, framed, and packing.


Born in 1984, from Sakai, Osaka

Due to his father’s work, he spent his childhood moving around Japan.
Since he did not have anywhere to call “hometown” and did not have many childhood friends, he became interested in expressing himself and as soon as graduating high school, he was into music. And in his 20’s, he went abroad  as if he was called.

At the time of the Lehman shock, he changed his instrument to a camera and went abroad again.
He liked staying in one place for long term, getting to know local people deeply, instead of visiting many countries and areas for short term. Those experiences had so much impact on his values in life later.

Today, he has an atelier studio at home, and while devoting himself to creative activities, he also hosts a photography school with more than 20 professional and high amateur students.

Solo and group exhibitions

  • 2019 PSK exhibition in Kyoto
    Yami no ou (a king of darkness) exhibition in Tokyo
    Solo exhibition “abstracted” in Kobe
    Real portrait in Nagoya
  • 2020 Pasha Style exhibition Vol.2 in Tokyo
    Solo exhibition “found the way out” in Kobe
    Yami no ou (a king of darkness) exhibition in Yokohama
    Real portrait in Nagoya
  • 2021 Solo exhibition in Tokyo


  • 2019 Chosen as a second place for popularity vote by the participants – PSK exhibition(at portrait session in Kyoto)
  • 2019 First place-Real portrait(2019 exhibition in Nagoya, Japan)
  • 2020 Second prize-Pasha Style exhibition(in Tokyo in 2020)
  • 2020 First place-Real portrait(2020 exhibition in Nagoya, Japan)
  • 2021 Daibiru award(UNKNOWN ASIA 2021)


Exhibition view


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