group exhibition “IDENTIFY” 2024.2.10.sat-2.18.sun

group exhibition
2024.2.10.sat-2.18.sun 11:00-17:00


Under the theme of “IDENTIFY,” we are pleased to present an exhibition featuring four character-based (personification) artists. The exhibition focuses on contemporary self-exploration, with the artists portraying different worlds, while still maintaining the importance of who they are. IDENTIFY, as a verb, means “to rethink oneself, to find oneself. Finding.” As a noun, it means “self-identification” or “proof of existence.
In our daily lives, we seem to lose ourselves in the flood of information. In this exhibition, art that finds the self in the process of disappearing will be exhibited. To you in this age of seemingly endless disappearance.

Reception Event

A reception party is scheduled for February 10.
Drinks and light refreshments will be served.


Kanako Aono


Kanata Sato

Keisuke Matsuzaki


  1. TASSEI FURUYA solo exhibition “KEEP HEAT”

  2. Akihiro Mishima exhibition “In the Forest of Belief” 2023.7.15.sat~7.23.sun

  3. Masaki TANI – syncasync-

    Masaki TANI – syncasync – 2023.5.20.sat-5.28.sun

  4. Pojiko Exhibition “Sparkling things I saw somewhere” 2024.6.15.sat-6.21.fri

  5. みしまあきひろ展「景色は日々へ」

    Akihiro Mishima solo exhibition “The Scenery from Day to Day” 2021.7.24 ~ 8.6

  6. Iro solo exhibition “Bring it on” 2022.7.26.tue-7.31.sun