Masuda Akira Solo Exhibition “My Angel” 2024.1.13.sat-1.27.sat

Masuda Akira Exhibition
“My Angel”
2024.1.13.sat-1.27.sat 11:00-19:00


Influenced by Western art, I became interested in the existence of angels, and I draw my own ideal angel, “Angel-chan.
I express the emotions I receive in my daily life through my poses and facial expressions.

Masuda Akira

1998 Born in Hyogo Prefecture
2021 Graduated from Osaka University of Arts / Faculty of Arts / Department of Fine Arts, Oil Painting

Solo and group exhibitions

  • 2020年 U-35 exhibition (hosted by TURNER COLOUR WORKS LTD.)
  • 2021年 Graduation Volunteer Exhibition of abstract works
  • 2021年 BE AT TOKYO project
  • 2021年 ZERO TEN 2021 -Aichi-
  • 2021年 @ART KOBE
  • 2022年 Solo exhibition “Hi,Angel-chan and Devil-chan are here.” Bricolage Gallery
  • 2022年 Any Kobe with Arts 2022
  • 2023年 Solo exhibition “ART BIBLE” Bricolage Gallery
  • 2023年 Daimaru Kobe M BASE
  • 2023年 The 51st International AU Exhibition of Contemporary Art
  • 2023年 Independent Tokyo 2023 exhibit
  • 2023年 UNKNOWN ASIA 2023 Reviewer Prize Akio Takimoto Award
  • 2023年 ShinsaibashiPARCO Wall Gallery exhibit
  • 2023年 Candle Night for 1000000 people@OSAKACITY 2023 Winter Nishi-Umeda Night exhibit


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