Genta Yasui exhibition “Extreme” 2023.1.7.sat-1.17.tue

安井 源太展「Extreme」

Genta Yasui exhibition

Reception party

1.14.sat 18:00~

Genta Yasui

Based on the theme of “things that misle,” he paints and makes ambiguous figurative works, using as materials that look like something but different, things that look like real in the mirror but are not.
In recent years, he has been painting on the reverse side of glass and acrylic plates. He has produced a series of works in which he has reversed the drawing process and it’s called “Painted”.

In addition, he creates paintings and jewelry inspired by the relationship between the human body and the mind, which is unrelated to one’s consciousness and sometimes shows contrasting reactions, and by the human body and skeleton.

Awards and Main Activities

2005 Graduated from Osaka University of Arts, Fine Arts Department
2005 Nishinomiya Citizen’s Exhibition, City Exhibition, Grand Prize in Painting Division
2007 Solo exhibition at Ban Gallery, Osaka
2008 “Genta Yasui / Akira Kitamura” two persons exhibition at Gallery wks, Osaka
2009 Solo exhibition at Gallery 6c, Nishinomiya
2012 Established Genta Yasui Art Laboratory
2014 Art Fair “BAMA”, Busan
2015 Solo exhibition at Gallery 4, Kobe
2015 Art Fair “ULTRA”, Tokyo
2017 Solo exhibition “Painted” Gallery 6, Kobe
2018 Group Exhibition “Japan-Korea Exchange Exhibition” Gallery Green House, Busan
2018 Solo exhibition “Mirror Scape” Gallery Paw


Exhibition view

Exhibition overview

Feeling anxiety. Being certain.
I can only see the trapped figure, rather there is no original figure, oh, maybe it was like this.
If I fill in the ambiguity without gaps, will the ambiguity disappear?
Is the self reflected in the mirror really me?

What results would be seen from the reversal? Is it the result of being updated from practicality and rationality?
Is the framework in which external factors form me or other than me?

Something that exists close at hand but whose presence is not often felt. No, it is not whether it exists or not, but it seems to be reflecting on itself.
Not being stable. Not being uncertain.


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