Yu Haino「I’ll fucking love you.」2023.12.2.sat~12.10.sun

Yu Haino Exhibition “I’ll fucking love you.”
2023.12.2.sat~12.10.sun 11:00-19:00


I am completely fascinated by the creature called Aplysia.
Every time I learn about them or touch them, I feel a new excitement and joy.
My goal is to incorporate them into myself through collection, breeding, dissection, etc.,
and to express their beauty using various techniques such as painting, illustration, three-dimensional photography, and photography.
Although I feel embarrassed because their expressions of affection are still too immature, I would be happy if I could convey their charm even a little.
(Although it is referred to as “they” in the text, Aplysia is a hermaphrodite, so all individuals are male and female.)

Yu Haino


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