Akira Masuda Solo Exhibition “ART BIBLE” 2023.1.31.tue-2.5.sun

マスダ アキラ Solo Exhibition「ART BIBLE」

Akira Masuda Solo Exhibition

Akira Masuda

1998 Born in Hyogo Prefecture
2021 Graduated from Osaka University of Arts / Faculty of Arts / Department of Fine Arts, Oil Painting
During my student years, I was impressed by the world of art and began creating my own works influenced by various artists.
Starting from my fourth year in university, I began using stencils, spray paint, and acrylic paints to create my pieces.
I want to express emotions through my works using colors, lines, and shapes that cannot be conveyed through words.

Solo and group exhibitions

  • 2020年 U-35 exhibition (hosted by TURNER COLOUR WORKS LTD.)
  • 2021年 Graduation Volunteer Exhibition of abstract works
  • 2021年 BE AT TOKYO project
  • 2021年 ZERO TEN 2021 -Aichi-
  • 2021年 @ART KOBE
  • 2022年 Solo exhibition ” Hi,Angel-chan and Devil-chan are here.” Bricolage Gallery
  • 2022年 Any Kobe with Arts 2022


Exhibition overview

What is your “bible” for you?
The Bible is something established as a standard for what you believe in.
For Angel-chan, her “bible” was art created in the past.
Even if you can’t read the words or agree with the thoughts, or if it’s from a different era, you can still see and feel it.

Works of art that input the radiance from the golden age and output the layered influence and marble-like emotions at once.
Angel-chan was born with such art and will continue to explore past and future art.


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    陽MKD storyboard exhibition “INTRACEREBRAL BEAM.” 2023.3.30.thu-4.5.wed

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  3. Roxana Naramzi solo exhibition 「Hearts Voice」 2021.12.12.sun~12.19.sun

  4. Haru Guo solo exhibition 2023 “Attiré par le parfum du sud de la France -Lured by the scent of the South of France-” 2023.10.21.sat-10.29.sun

  5. Iro solo exhibition “Bring it on” 2022.7.26.tue-7.31.sun

  6. TON exhibition “Blockage and Emptiness-Crouching in the Middle-” 2022.5.3.tue~5.15.sun