Sojie solo exhibition “MADE IN HEAVEN”

Sojie solo exhibition “MADE IN HEAVEN” 11:00~19:00


The limited world by the pandemic. These are art creations to release myself from the world.
I express inside of myself with an exciting style.


Born in 2000
A featured artist with a unique touch
Works are exhibited at a joint exhibition in Kobe



  1. 神戸北野美術館ミュージアムギャラリー展

    A gallery exhibition “Painters of Montmartre” from Kobe Kitano Museum 2021.6.29 ~ 7.4

  2. Haru.Guo solo exhibition “Fashion Illustration 2021” 2021.10.30~11.7

  3. Masuda Akira solo exhibition “Hi, Angel-chan and Devil-chan are here.” 2022.1.21.fri-1.30.sun

  4. Tassei Furuya solo exhibition “Record and replay” 2021.12.1~10

  5. Hara shiba solo exhibition “You don’t need to know the feelings like this.” 2022.2.8.tue~2.14.mon

  6. みしまあきひろ展「景色は日々へ」

    Akihiro Mishima solo exhibition “The Scenery from Day to Day” 2021.7.24 ~ 8.6