Sojie solo exhibition “Way of ‘Sojie'” 2022.8.2.tue~8.11.thu

Sojie solo exhibition “Way of ‘Sojie'”
2022.8.2.tue~8.11.thu 11:00~19:00


Sojie’s determined to devote his 20’s to creation.
As the first step, his solo exhibition Way of “Sojie”is held.
Now, look at Sojie’s developed works.


Born in 2000
A featured artist with a unique touch
Works are exhibited at a joint exhibition in Kobe

Past ehibition

Sojie solo exhibition “MADE IN HEAVEN” (held at Bricolage, 2022.06) 11:00~19:00


The limited world by the pandemic. These are art creations to release myself from the world.
I express inside of myself with an exciting style.


Exhibition view


    1. TON exhibition “Blockage and Emptiness-Crouching in the Middle-” 2022.5.3.tue~5.15.sun

    2. Kobe Art Marche 2022 2022.5.13.fri-5.15.sun

    3. AnyKobe×バンクシーの風船と少女の作品がBricolageにて展示されます 2021/9/17-10/3 10:00-19:00

      <AnyKobe, an art event in Kobe Kitano> Banksy’s art works will be exhibited at Bricolage Sep. 17 – Oct. 3, 2021

    4. Iro solo exhibition “Bring it on” 2022.7.26.tue-7.31.sun

    5. たや あさこ Solo Exhibition ~ Parallel World Selection ~

      ASAKO TAYA solo exhibition ~ Parallel World Selection ~ 2021.7.13 ~ 7.19

    6. Kojiro Kitada exhibition “unnamed”