Nao Morigo Exhibition “108 Desires” 2022.11.12.sat-11.20.sun

Nao Morigo Exhibition “108 Desires”
2022.11.12.sat-11.20.sun 11:00-19:00


From the nostalgic “trip to…” series to new works.
Some of the works that were secretly created in her atelier before each series was born will also be on view.
Please stop by the venue to read and understand the behind-the-scenes of Nao Morigo’s thinking.

Nao Morigo

Graduate Oil painting major of Kyoto Seika University
Study one semester at University of Michigan (Print making, Ceramic, Juery design)

Worked for Graphic designer, Web designer, Web planner, Illustrator
Started working as an artist from 2012.
Exhibited Japan, NYC, Paris, Singapore, Korea, Taipei, Kolkata.
Other Work for CD jacket artwork, illustration for advertisement of company’s projects
and Personality of internet radio show RadiCro Spark!


  1. Tassei Furuya solo exhibition “Record and replay” 2021.12.1~10

  2. Jusei Azuma “ADRENALINE ART -From chaos to sublimation-” 2022.9.2.fri-9.11.sun

  3. rio solo exhibition 「I can’t do anything」 2022.3.29.tue~4.3.sun

  4. NAOAKI OKAMOTO exhibition “ART is in YOU” 2022.4.23.sat~5.1.sun

  5. RYUTA・T “Short Story” 2022.1.8.sat ~1.16.sun

  6. Aretokore Coko exhibition “Wine Top Art – Somewhere on the Earth -” 2022.10.29.sat-11.6.sun