Aretokore Coko exhibition “Wine Top Art – Somewhere on the Earth -” 2022.10.29.sat-11.6.sun

Aretokore Coko exhibition


Aretokore Coko is building a new art genre called wine top art.
Using wine lids as materials, this remarkable artist expresses the beauty and individuality of animals in three-dimensional works.
This solo exhibition will include her award-winning work in Tokyo, “Whale,” as well as new works.

Aretokore Coko

Born in 1988 in Osaka.
Graduated from Kyoto City University of Arts, Department of Sculpture.
Has been creating sculptures since 2008 when he was a student.Worked in Australia in 2017.
After returning to Japan, started activities as Aretokore Coco in 2018 and started wine top art.
Participated in many solo and group exhibitions mainly in Kansai area.
Currently working in Tokyo and other cities in Japan.

Solo exhibition

  • 2019 Wine Top Art Exhibition/Manifesto Gallery,Osaka
  • 2020 Spring Celebration/a&w,Osaka
  • 2020 Isle of Birds/ONthe Umeda,Osaka
  • 2021 Amazon/Contemporaries Gallery collage plus,Kyoto
  • 2021 Beaujolais nouveau 2021/Amanogahara Gallery,Osaka
  • 2022 On the Earth/Gallery CENTENNIAL,Osaka

Group exhibition

  • 2020 DOHJIDAI Selection exhibition vol.2/Contemporaries Gallery,Kyoto
  • 2020 Material + ART exhibition/ZENT ART MUSEUM,Nagoya
  • 2021 Keep on Using!!/Keihan Department Store Moriguchi,Osaka
  • 2021 Wine and Art in Beautiful Coexistence Exhibition 3/Gallery igu_m_art,Osaka
  • 2021 UPCYCLING Art & Design/Hankyu Department Store Takatsuki,Osaka
  • 2022 The 20th NAU 21st Century Art Exhibition/The National Art Center,Tokyo
  • 2022 Kin-toto Exhibition 2022/Shinjuku Isetan Art & Frame,Tokyo

Art fair

  • 2021 Unknown Asia 2021/GRAND FRONT OSAKA,Osaka
  • 2021 Unknown Asia 2021 EXTRA/Nakanoshima Festival Tower,Osaka
  • 2022 SICF 23/Spiral,Tokyo
  • 2022 Kobe Art Marche/Meriken Park Oriental Hotel,Hyogo
  • 2022 Independent Tokyo 2022/Tokyo Port City Takeshiba,Tokyo


  • 2020 「Unknown Asia 2020」Sponsor Award & Reviewer Award
  • 2021 「Unknown Asia 2021」Sponsor Award & Reviewer Award
  • 2021 「OSAKA INTERNATIONAL COLLECTION 2021」Kitano Art Museum Award & Chignitta Award
  • 2022 「SICF 23」Judges’ Award(Natsumi Araki Award)
  • 2022 「Independent Tokyo 2022」Judges’ Special Award(Takashi Kobayashi Award INTERART 7)


Exhibition view


  1. Nishino♀Rina Solo Exhibition “emotionalism”

  2. Artist friends who love cats@Kitano Ijinkan Street 2023.2.17.fri-2.26.sun

    Artist friends who love cats@Kitano Ijinkan Street 2023.2.17.fri-2.26.sun

  3. JACKET POP UP STORE 2021.4.10 ~ 4.11

    JACKET POP UP STORE 2021.4.10 ~ 4.11

  4. たや あさこ Solo Exhibition ~ Parallel World Selection ~

    ASAKO TAYA solo exhibition ~ Parallel World Selection ~ 2021.7.13 ~ 7.19

  5. rio solo exhibition 「I can’t do anything」 2022.3.29.tue~4.3.sun

  6. Jusei Azuma “ADRENALINE ART -From chaos to sublimation-” 2022.9.2.fri-9.11.sun