Yumiko Segawa “KOKON-TOUZAI” 2022.10.14.fri-10.26.wed

Yumiko Segawa exhibition
2022.10.14.fri-10.26.wed 11:00~19:00


I’m going to meet me beyond the landscape.

Yumiko Segawa

1989 Born in Kanagawa.
2014 Graduated from Oil-Painting Department of Tokyo University of the Arts.
2016 Graduated from Graduate School of Fine Arts of Tokyo University of the Arts.
(The Oil Painting -Technique and Material department.)
2019-2020 Guest student at University of Fine Arts Münster

She is doing production being interested in invisible human heart and the process by which information obtained by the five senses, such as sight and smell, is generated in the body and expressed as emotions and actions when we look at a scene.


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